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As we become Doers of the Word by being filled with the Spirit of the Word, we desire to bring glory to our Lord Jesus Christ as we show compassion, teach and serve the community around us, and watch in amazement the Holy Spirit transform not just a person, but a community.

"Where there is no vision the people perish." Proverbs 29:18

Within the next five years, we hope to see:

  • HOME-Team - Established ministry in the community of Jacksonville that joins urban and suburban churches for the cause of Christ.
  • HOME-School - Members involved in discipleship and small group studies.
  • HOME-Outreach - Center for practical needs ministry for every-1. (clothes, food pantry, mobile/stationary food preparation, temporary financial aid)
  • HOME-Leaders - Established staff for the roles of Pastor, Director, Worship leader, Biblical counselor, Outreach coordinator, Discipleship leader, Youth Director, etc.
  • HOME-Missions - Promote missionary outreach for home and foreign missions.

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