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"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations..." Matthew 28:19

Welcome HOME!
We would like to invite you into our HOME and share the vision and dreams the Lord is giving us for this ministry.

Many of us think of distant lands and diverse cultures when we hear the word missions. We tend to picture Africa or China. Missions are there and thriving. So much so, that they are sending missionaries to the United States. The mission field is in our own backyard, "HOME sweet HOME".

It is our desire and calling to see God work mightily in Jacksonville.

We cannot give up the chance of influencing our community that we call home. Christ is for "all of life" and "all people".

Our hope is that you will join the HOME Team with many others in a sincere and committed effort to bring the Good News to a city in great need.

Watch an interview with Pastor Eric Lockett, Executive Director of HOME Inc.: 

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